Waaaaayl, I’m back… Get ready in 3…..2………..1…….. LIFTOFF!!! You are now in the SS Michaela Walcott Inateor.. Hope your stay is long and prosperous. So, this year i’ve flipped everything around. Better grades, better friends, better life… Except Eva isnt in it.. But you live you learn? Right? I had lots of time today so I thought to myself, better figure out what happened to the blog.. And I’ve deleted all the hurtful things I had said.. 6th graders are vicious, self-centered, immature, brats.. did you know that?!? ((I was a sixth grader last year, hence the evilness up above this word)) Well, I’ma go, be posting every day after school… nothing else more to do.. I dont have a life -cries-


Hope your day was SPECTACULAR =^w^= Caio My blogreaders  :3